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Clearly I need to update more often

Hmmm. It looks like my last post was on the day of my surgery. That was a year ago yesterday. Since I started the weight loss program, I have lost over 100#. Had appointments with my nutritionist Jillian and my wonderful surgeon Laura, and I’m doing well.


Well, so far the Gastric Sleeve procedure I had on July 11 seems to be working out pretty well[1]. I’ve lost about 27# in the intervening five weeks – 59# since about this time (August) last year (2015). A good chunk of that weight dropped off simply by eliminating carbohydrates from my diet. I only […]

Today is the day!

Those of you that know me realize that I have never been a skinny guy. I wasn’t so fat that the Navy didn’t take me in 1972, but at that time I was about 6’0″ and about 185#. Over the years I managed to pack on a few pounds here and there, and at my […]

This is just a test

Testing linkage between WP and Twitter via If This Than That

Out of work again

Though that last contract was supposed to convert to a permanent job, funding reigned, and the job slipped through my fingers. So once again I am a job seeker. I am taking the opportunity to learn some new skills – I’m taking an online course on Web Development, and have several other courses paid for […]

The Wool Picker

I’m making a wool picker, which is a device used to break up clumps of wool from a sheep’s fleece into individual fibers, which can then be carded or combed before spinning. You can Google it if you want to know more. I’m documenting this for my spinning audience, where this might be of some […]

Living and dyeing in 3/4 time

I have no idea why Jimmy Buffet popped into my head. Sorry…   On March 5, 2016 I took a couple of fiber dyeing courses taught by Kate Bachus of A Hundred Ravens.  I don’t know anywhere outside of the fiber world where people will divulge their secrets and tell you exactly what they do […]

Clearly I am not properly maintaining this blog…

Geez, my last post was after a month of employment at Bruker. That ended in March of 2015 after starting in July of 2014. I was out of work again from March to October 2015, when I landed a temp-to-perm gig at Rigaku Analytical Devices, where we make these very cool devices for materials analysis. […]

Working for a bit

I noticed that I last posted when I was out of work, nearly a year ago. I am coming up on the first anniversary of the layoff, but I’ve been working for a month now, at a place called Bruker Detection, which is related to Bruker Diagnostics, but the connection (as well as the connection […]

I’m unemployed and looking for work

Not that anybody really reads this blog much, but I am looking for work as an embedded software engineer. My resume is current and I would appreciate any leads that you might send to me.