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Working for a bit

I noticed that I last posted when I was out of work, nearly a year ago. I am coming up on the first anniversary of the layoff, but I’ve been working for a month now, at a place called Bruker Detection, which is related to Bruker Diagnostics, but the connection (as well as the connection […]

I’m unemployed and looking for work

Not that anybody really reads this blog much, but I am looking for work as an embedded software engineer. My resume is current and I would appreciate any leads that you might send to me.

Spinning wheels go ’round and ’round

Not being enough of a geek already, I’m adding to my bag of tricks. I took a class on spinning fiber into yarn a few weeks ago with Ann Corbey at The Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA. I got to try a couple of wheels that were OK, but didn’t really enthrall me, but I […]

Guest opinion from my friend Jonathan:

This horror will not go away even if we could remove every gun from America. Timothy McVeigh did not use a gun, and the Columbine killers made bombs as well. The problem we need to solve (and fast) is the fact that we are producing so many (or any at all) young people who consider […]

Hell in a Handbasket

My blog. My opinion, whether you agree or not. I’m moved to tears by the recent killings in Newtown Connecticut. A clearly disturbed kid of merely 20 years forced his way into the elementary school and killed 20 children, five adults, and himself. He had previously killed his mother at home after stealing guns that […]

Ravioli (Reprise) B-

Peg was willing to go a B. I called it a C. At least it was a decent experiment… I tried for whole wheat pasta, but whole wheat has a lower gluten proportion than semolina – somethimg I neglected to take into account. So there wasn’t enough water in the eggs, so the whole wheat […]

TSA At Your Service

Welcome home boys — TSA interrogates our soldiers (This was emailed to me recently. There’s no way to really vet the information, but it didn’t show up on Snopes as bogus…) As the Chalk Leader for my flight home from Afghanistan, I witnessed the following: When we were on our way back from Afghanistan, we […]

My friend Angela

Angela is the daughter of our friend Mike. She’s all grown up now (we knew her when she was just a teenager, so we can say that), and has a family of her own down in Virginia. She’s just started her own blog so you can stop in to see what she’s doing. She’s really […]

Black Appliances? Feh!

No, I didn’t make a resolution to start blogging again, but I got a few new toys recently, so I thought I’d comment on some experiences. First – it was a huge mistake to get a black range. It’s beautiful when it’s clean, but cleaning it is a bear. First it has to be washed, […]

Dennis Hopper 1936..2010

I was saddened to hear of Dennis Hopper’s death today due to cancer. I was never a huge fan, just the occasional role that crossed his path. A clever and talented actor as well as director, Hopper was an artist too, and an art collector. I had heard on NPR just the other day that […]