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Category Archives: Spinning and weaving

Spinning Wheels

I recently purchased another spinning wheel – a Wee Peggy, made in New Zealand. That picture isn’t mine – I picked an image from the internet and give full credit to a lady named Melanie who lives in Queensland Australia. She had a better picture than I could provide. Here  is her blog if you want to […]

The Fermented Suint Method

Most of you know that I’m deeply involved in fiber. I deal primarily in wool, as a knitter, dyer, spinner, and sometime weaver. Most of you know that I am also on a quest to become omniscient, or all-knowing. In order to achieve that goal, I figure I have to know only know everything, but […]

The Wool Picker

I’m making a wool picker, which is a device used to break up clumps of wool from a sheep’s fleece into individual fibers, which can then be carded or combed before spinning. You can Google it if you want to know more. I’m documenting this for my spinning audience, where this might be of some […]

Living and dyeing in 3/4 time

I have no idea why Jimmy Buffet popped into my head. Sorry…   On March 5, 2016 I took a couple of fiber dyeing courses taught by Kate Bachus of A Hundred Ravens.  I don’t know anywhere outside of the fiber world where people will divulge their secrets and tell you exactly what they do […]

Spinning wheels go ’round and ’round

Not being enough of a geek already, I’m adding to my bag of tricks. I took a class on spinning fiber into yarn a few weeks ago with Ann Corbey at The Fiber Loft in Harvard, MA. I got to try a couple of wheels that were OK, but didn’t really enthrall me, but I […]