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Category Archives: Cycling

Mason Railroad Trail

Yesterday ( 2 September 2006) I went for a bike ride on this trail. It starts in Mason NH, very near the NH-MA border, and seems to keep on going. The guide lists the trail as 6 miles long, but there was nothing at six miles that made me think the trail ended. So I […]

The bike is back

I brought the bike over to Gamache Cyclery in Fitchburg yesterday afternoon. I expected to leave the bike and pick it up next weekend, but John, the manager, lifted the bike into the stand and proceeded to replace the crank arm right then and there. It was only a ten-minute job. $13.64. When I had […]

The 2006 Ashuelot Rail Trail Fiasco

As many of you know, it was my desire to pedal the 23-mile Ashuelot Rail Trail from Hinsdale to Keene New Hampshire on August the Fifth, in the Year of Our Lord 2006. All good intentions, Peg and I drove up after breakfast, found a sign purporting to be the parking lot for said Ashuelot […]

Rail Trails

I fancy myself a bicyclist, though I don’t ride nearly enough to justify that. For instance, I didn’t ride at all in 2005. But I’m trying to be better this year, with a couple of rides on the Nashua River Rail Trail from Ayer to Dunstable Massachusetts, a ride last week on the Norwottock Rail […]