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Antenna topics

I recently did some antenna work around the farm here – a whole 0.19 acre of antenna ranch. I took down a 40-meter full-wave horizontal loop (basically a 140 foot long piece of wire stretched out by ropes in the trees to almost encircle the house. It was OK on 40 meters and below, and […]


It’s my anniversary, of sorts. Two years ago today I was assigned the Amateur Radio callsign of KK1X by the FCC. I petitioned for it, and paid a fee (otherwise Amateur Radio is essentially free). This call replaced my old KB1HDO call. The call KK1X was previously held by a fellow named Lionel, but Lionel […]

Holy CRAP! The radio works!

Those of you who are truly fans (OK, all one of you) might remember that I asked for a radio kit (the Rock-Mite) for Christmas. Well, my brother-in-law Art drew my name in the Secret Santa list, and bought the thing for me. I had some time off between Christmas and New Year’s, and I […]

Field Day

Hello. My name is John and I’m a ham. Ham radio operator, that is. Last weekend was Field Day – our club took a bunch of equipment into an orchard in Pepperell Massachusetts Saturday morning after breakfast, set it up, then “played radio” for about 24 hours before taking it all down again and going […]