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Category Archives: Public Service

13 things your burglar won’t tell you

I got this in an email the other day. Presumably these helpful hints were gleaned from conversations from some 105 burglars in North Carolina, Oregon, California, and Kentucky. There are actually 21 of them – a list of 13 and another list of 8 that seems to have joined later: Of course I look familiar. […]

Bone Marrow – not this time

I got a letter (not just an email – a real letter) from Patty at The Caitlin Raymond International Registry to say that “no further testing” was requested by the physician on the case. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to help, but even moreso, I was disappointed that they have to continue searching for […]

Bone Marrow, take 2

I got another email on May 25 from Patty at The Caitlin Raymond International Registry saying that I was a serious candidate for donating bone marrow. I went the following week to a lab in Nashua, New Hampshire (it was a relatively convenient location) and had five vials of blood drawn for testing. Geez, even […]

Bone Marrow – it’s important

Last time I was donating blood in Burlington (Massachusetts) I was approached by a woman representing The Caitlin Raymond International Registry , an organization that tries to match prospective donors (in this case me) with potential bone marrow recipients. I got an email the other day saying I was a potential DNA match for someone. […]

The Jimmy Fund Walk

Today I watched as approximately 6500 people walked past me, headed toward Boston, some from as far away as Hopkinton, about 22 miles or so from where I was. They had another four miles to go. Every one of them was walking to fight cancer in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.Some were walking to […]

The Red Ribbon Ride

Last Sunday (August 13, 2006) I helped provide radio communications for the Mass Red Ribbon Ride, sponsored by the AIDS Action Comittee in Boston. There are other Red Ribbon Rides around the country, too. It was a pleasure helping out, despite the bit of sunburn I got. (I thought “mobile” meant I’d be in my […]

Donating Blood

Last night I donated blood to the American Red Cross. It took me a long time (50 years?!?) to get into the swing of things, but once I finally started, I’m going at it with gusto. Mom and Dad used to donate regularly, and Griz and Jackie were pheresis donors for a very long time. […]