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Donating Blood

Last night I donated blood to the American Red Cross. It took me a long time (50 years?!?) to get into the swing of things, but once I finally started, I’m going at it with gusto. Mom and Dad used to donate regularly, and Griz and Jackie were pheresis donors for a very long time. I wanted to donate ‘double red cells’ but apparently I’ve been donating too often, and that has to be deferred for another 8 weeks. But I donated whole blood. Type O-, too, which is the good stuff.

You should donate blood too, if you can. Be a mensch: Find a blood drive

The American Red Cross makes it pretty easy to donate. There’s the website where you can find a blood drive, and they email you and send postcards to remind you. They even send email and leave messages on your answering machine to remind you of an appointment to donate. And they set up appointments! How blasted convenient is that?!?

Thank you for your support.