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The Red Ribbon Ride

Last Sunday (August 13, 2006) I helped provide radio communications for the Mass Red Ribbon Ride, sponsored by the AIDS Action Comittee in Boston. There are other Red Ribbon Rides around the country, too. It was a pleasure helping out, despite the bit of sunburn I got. (I thought “mobile” meant I’d be in my truck all day. Instead, I followed the Ride Director, Andi, from Petersham to Hubbardston to Princeton to Bolton to Sudbury to Weston, stopping at each place for about an hour or so.) It was an outstandingly beautiful day for the event. I’d estimate that 100 riders took part in the event, which spanned two days and followed a 182 mile path from Pittsfield Massachusetts in to Weston. One thing that surprised me was that I’d never been on a lot of the roads, though I’ve lived within the area for over 20 years. The other thing that made an impression was that I would not want to ride my bicycle up some of those hills! Brutal.

Anyway, the people helping out, cheering, feeding, and caring for the riders did a wonderful job, and the cyclists! Wow! They did all the hard work and made my job look easy.

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