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Unsolicited testimonial

I recently had to replace a failing hard drive on a friend’s laptop. Yeah, I can hear the groans. The key word was “failing”, not “failed”. I bought a new hard drive from NewEgg, and (here comes the testimonial part) I bought a thing called DriveWire from an outfit called Apricorn. This DriveWire thing consisted of a small interface box with connectors on all sides, a power cable, and a USB cable. The new drive plugged into one side, and the power and USB into another. (The other two are more connectors for different drive types).

It came with a CD, and promises that the data transfer would cause no pain. I popped the CD into the drive, powered up the laptop, and the CD booted to Apricorm’s software. Basically, there was one button to push – “Copy drive A to drive B”. I pushed it. It started up, and a few hours later (OK, I don’t know how long – I went to bed) the copy was completed. I swapped drives, powered up, and the laptop booted. I defragged the drive without problem, and other than the laptop saying “Hey, I see a new hard drive”, there was no muss, no fuss, no pain at all.

Just like I like it! I think this was the best $35 I’ve ever spent.

I highly recommend the Apricorm DriveWire.

I also recommend NewEgg, but that’s another story.

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