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The Jimmy Fund Walk

Today I watched as approximately 6500 people walked past me, headed toward Boston, some from as far away as Hopkinton, about 22 miles or so from where I was. They had another four miles to go. Every one of them was walking to fight cancer in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk.Some were walking to remember someone lost, some were walking to prevent cancer for children, grandchildren, and loved ones to come. They were walking for a cure. Me? I communicated with a crew of other hams to make sure buses came to pick up those unable to continue, schedule water and supply deliveries, and trash pickups. And I carried 5 gallon water bottles, carried off bags of trash, and I kept a continuous stream of Gatorade juice boxes going into the cooler full of ice. Gatorade was wildly popular today (well, maybe not the grape Gatorade…) and we went through stacks of the stuff.

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