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Dennis Hopper 1936..2010

I was saddened to hear of Dennis Hopper’s death today due to cancer. I was never a huge fan, just the occasional role that crossed his path. A clever and talented actor as well as director, Hopper was an artist too, and an art collector. I had heard on NPR just the other day that a large exhibit of his art collection was opening at the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art.

Hopper was 74, so he had a pretty good run. He certainly had some accomplishments to his credit. I can’t logically attach more “accomplishment” to his acting in a movie as I can to my completing a year-long software project, but he produced, directed, and edited it as well, and that’s more than many of my software projects.

A much better bio than I can provide can be found at Wikipedia.

Rest in Peace, Dennis.

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