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Thanks, Emeril

I was watching one of Emeril’s shows Sunday AM as I finished my coffee (after a French Toast breakfast). He tossed together (I bet his production staff had something to do with it…) a very quick meal, and it inspired me as I got to the grocery store later that morning.
– some Italian sausage – I used sweet, Emeril mixed hot and sweet
– onion – I used a small sweet onion, Emeril used a large Spanish onion
– red bell pepper
– escarole – I used green chard because I couldn’t find escarole
– rigatoni – I used fettucini

The pasta water went on first, of course.

The sausage was broken up and cooked off in a bit of olive oil. When it was nice and brown, the onions and peppers went in with a bit of salt, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. The fettucini went into the water as well.

After the onions and peppers were tender, I tossed in the chard, which I’d rinsed nicely and coarsely chopped. I should have used the larger skillet, but I muddled through.

When the pasta was done, it was drained and returned to the pot, and the sausage mixture was tossed with it.

I served it with some fresh Parmesan cheese grated over it, and it was pretty excellent. I wanted to go back for the rest of it, but I am actually trying to loseWeight Exercise some Lose Weight Exercise. Peg tasted it (she was going out for a dinner date) and claimed that she liked it. We’ll see next time I make it.

I think the escarole would be better, and rigatoni would have made it a bit easier to mix together. But I really like fettucini…

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