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Working for a bit

I noticed that I last posted when I was out of work, nearly a year ago. I am coming up on the first anniversary of the layoff, but I’ve been working for a month now, at a place called Bruker Detection, which is related to Bruker Diagnostics, but the connection (as well as the connection to Bruker Daltonics and the other Bruker subsidiaries) is unclear to me. As long as it’s clear to the accountants, I guess that’s enough. It’s a contract, though, and due to expire in October. (My security badge runs out on 10/10, so that’s a hint.)

But I’m enjoying the work, I find that the people are very nice ( and on average, VERY intelligent), and I’m learning new stuff to put on my resume. Hopefully the next period of unemployment won’t be 11 months long.

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