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Good Customer Service

You might have figured out from some of my other posts that I’m a ham radio operator. Well, we have to have all sorts of odd little gizmos floating around, and a lot of them look like each other but are completely incompatible.

Long story short, I ordered some incorrect parts from a place in San Marcos California called RF Parts Company (RF means “radio frequency”, which is what ham radio is all about…). On getting the parts and realizing that yes, I am an idiot (well, only sometimes), I sent an email to their customer service department, admitted to my idiocy, and asked what to do.

So I’m shipping the parts back, they’re shipping new parts in return, and all I have to pay is shipping. No muss, no fuss, just $8 to correct my error (well, and time, but ham radio operators don’t get paid by the hour or anything).

So, if you happen to need capacitors, attenuators, connectors, dummy loads, or any of the thousands of other bits like that, try RF Parts. They are also home to Diamond Antennas.

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