My Christmas List

OK, so everybody has started to ask Peg (and the Elves) what to get John for Christmas. I put forth this helpful list, and promise to update it as I think of cool things to add. I admit freely that it\’s difficult to shop for me. I\’m kind of picky, I\’m rather odd, and I have just about everything already. If you really, really can\’t think of anything, donations to Children\’s Hospital or the Dana Farber Cancer Institute would simply rock. Really. (Since I already have a star 😉 )

At the Animal Rescue Site there is the \”Animal Rescue Site Large Duffel Bag\” that might take some digging to find, but it\’s cool and some of the money goes to feed animals in shelters.

There is also the \’RockMite\’ 30m CW transceiver kit at Small Wonder Labs (in case you didn\’t know I\’m sort of \”into\” ham radio, and this is a very cute, and relatively inexpensive toy. Of course the \’RockMite\’ connectors and controls kit to go with it would help me get on the air sooner, and that\’s ever-so-important (that\’s me channeling Shirley Temple, who appears twice on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper\’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album by the Beatles, oh-by-the-way.) Too late!

Inasmuch as I am also a music buff (I don\’t know how many CDs. I can\’t even count that high) there are a number of those that I am forbidden to purchase until the New Year has come. This list will grow:

  • Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride – Too late
  • Dwight Yoakum – Dwight Sings Buck
  • Leann Rimes – Family
  • Brooks & Dunn – Cowboy Town – Too late
  • GracePotter & the Nocturnals – This is Somewhere
  • Amy Winehouse – Frank
  • Feist – The Reminder
  • Ray LaMontaigne – Till the Sun Turns Black
  • Kate Nash – Made of Bricks
  • Rhonda Vincent – Good Thing Going

Peg has suggested gift cards to

if for no other reason that I can purchase books, CDs, and radio bits.

Also purchased for me were gift cards from:


I also enjoy wearing socks that nobody else in their right mind would wear. Not kittens or ducks, mind you, but colorful stripes, patterns, little skulls and such hold great sway with me. I got another pair of socks with skulls 😉 Blue background and hot pink skulls. Excellent!