This guy must be really stupid…

I just got this email (to my ham radio account, which isn\’t used for anything personal or financial…). It wasn\’t even addressed to me specifically, contains a misspelled word or two, and the punctuation is terrible. Oh, I\’m sure this must have really come from PayPal – as if I\’ve never seen one of their emails (sent to the only account I have associated with PayPal). Wow. This guy must be really stupid. I tried to do a reverse-lookup of his number, but he\’s at least smart enough to keep his information unlisted. I did forward this email to his phone provider, though. I bet they know who he is. Maybe they can have a little talk with him.

PayPal Security Notice

 The credit/debit card you have on file with us is suspended.

To update your billing information please call the security departament at : 509-591-4214

Case ID : 97456688
Account ID :83320775885

If you choose to ignore our request your account will be suspended .