Somebody thinks I\’m a complete moron

Well, there might be more than one, but I got this email today:


Even to the casual observer, there are a number of things wrong:

  1. From: \”\” but email is from \”\”
  2. To: \”dear friend\” – somebody sending me a card might know my name
  3. Card link is \”\” an EXE for Pete\’s sake! Can you get any more transparent in your evil intentions?
  4. Various typos and misspellings (\”aviailable\”, \”enjoy you eCard\”) sure put that \”professional polish\” on the presentation

Needless to say, I didn\’t click on the link (though with Thunderbird as my email agent and Firefox 3 as my browser, I\’d likely get out of it OK).

If you should happen to find an email like this addressed to you, just discard it. It\’s only going to cause you problems in the long run. Really.