Well, so far the Gastric Sleeve procedure I had on July 11 seems to be working out pretty well[1]. I\’ve lost about 27# in the intervening five weeks – 59# since about this time (August) last year (2015). A good chunk of that weight dropped off simply by eliminating carbohydrates from my diet.

I only play a doctor on TV, but I can totally recommend that if you want to drop your blood glucose levels, or if you want to drop a relatively quick 10-20#, cut carbs from your diet for a month. The first few days are tough. I know – no pasta, no bread with oil at your favorite Italian restaurant. No ice cream, no rice. But do it for just a month. It\’s easier than quitting cigarettes, but just as good for you.

Give it a shot. Avoid having this surgery – it\’s not that much fun. Now I don\’t have ROOM for bread. I don\’t have ROOM for dessert. I don\’t have ROOM for sufficient protein and more than a few brussels sprouts or a few spears of asparagus. I don\’t have ROOM for a baked potato.

[1] \”well\” is a relative term. In terms of weight loss, I\’m doing well. The other night we went out and I had a delicious pork chop, some roasted fingerling potatoes, and roasted brussels sprouts. And a beer. I had about half of a pork chop, three or four bites of potato, and three or four bites of brussels sprouts. And about a third of that beer. That was all I could eat. But I did take it home and have another meal of it. But I left behind 2/3 of a beer. They didn\’t offer takeaway cups…